Provide people with help they need to stay in their own homes longer & healthier.

Providing people a location based app to hire Care-Aides that service your area.

 March 13, 2021 2:22 min


Hi my name is Mike Prokopich and I'm the founder of ArdorCare Inc, a startup platform for home health care services.

The problem we are solving is that as a baby boomer segment of society is growing older and many of them are in need of in-home care services such as light house keeping, laundry, meal preparation, and personal hygiene services. This is causing a greater need for in-home health care aids to be hired for these types of services.

Our solution is to create a platform where in-home health care aids are able to post their profiles and be hired directly from people that need these services on a location-based premise.

ArdorCare will vet, screen and approve the health care aids before they are able to post their profiles to offer the services. Potential clients or children of potential clients will then be able to view the care aids that service the potential clients area, and see if they are available based on the care aides calendar to provide services for their loved ones or themselves.

ArdorCares vision is to be the number one home care services provider in the world.

Our mission is to easily put care aids into people's homes to make their lives more functional, healthier, and make it possible for people to stay in their own homes longer.

To achieve this we will have to:
-vet and screen carades to provide a quality service that people can trust that so as to go into their homes to take care of people.
-have a reading system for clients as well as care aids to help keep this system honest and people accountable.
-Make it so people can rehire easily to create relationships.

Our value propositions are:
-help keep people in their own homes longer.
-provide people with a sense of security that there is someone there to help stay healthy.

Our revenue streams are:
-hourly rates given to clients for care aid help

Our cost structure is made up of:
-intangible capital expenses
-variable operating expenses

Meet the Founders

Mike Prokopich

I'm the founder of ArdorCare Inc. I'm building a business for people to be able to hire care aids to go into people's homes to help them with services such as lighthouse keeping, laundry, meal preparation, personal hygiene and taking people to their appointments and making them feel like they're still part of this world. After going through issues such as this with my own parents and realizing that me and my brothers needed more help than what we were able to give to our parents I set out to build a platform where you could easily find people that have been vetted to do services like this.

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