Your one stop solution for calling anywhere in the world.

Your one stop solution for calling anywhere in the world with out any call hung ups.

 March 13, 2021 3:05 min


Hi my name is Charles Wainaina and I am the operations manager at Favoured Charlie Enterprise a business startup.

The problem that we are solving is that when someone is on a phone call and your recharge airtime is over automatically your call hungs up.

This results to frustration especially if you can't access a shop or onlinebanking quickly for recharge top up.

Also when you are living far away from your family and this happens it's very frustrating.

Our solution is buying airtime recharge in bulk from carrier companies globally and converting them into call minutes through our mobile application.

Whereby the mobile user will not experience any call hung up through our app.

Once the client downloads and log in into the app,he/she can get minutes either in prepaid or a postpaid packages upon selection.

The app also has more features like providing internet packages,normal airtime top up services (not in minutes) among many others.

The minutes can call both local or international calls.

So as to include everyone who has phone to the services, we have an agency system to supply the same services to the people in the villages globally.

Minutes pap vision is to be the world's one stop solution for calling anywhere in the world.


1. Provide phone users globally with a chance to experience no call hung ups at an affordable price.
2. Give access to phone users quality mobile services within one basket at a fraction of market cost.

To achieve this,we will have to:

1. Be determined and find common ground.
2. Be focused and enhance teamwork.
3. Provide exceptional services to our clients.

Here is a summary of the first iteration of our business model.

Our value propositions are:

1. Provide phone users with advance recharge once their recharge balance is over.

2. Provide phone users with continuous call which they will pay on their next top up.

3. Create a lending supply network.

Our revenue streams are as follows:

1. Prepaid packages
1user =$1(10% of the recharged amount)

2. Postpaid
1user= $7


N/B:Our revenue increases everytime the user uses our services.

Our cost structure is made of:

1. Tangible capital expenses

2. Variable operating expenses

We will update our pitch on FndrVestr as we start operating the first iteration of our business model .

Thank you,


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Charles Wainaina

I'm the founder and Manager Favoured Charlie Enterprise.I operate the company's business operations.I believe in simplifying people's services by using creative ideas and implementation of them into the marketplace.If you have any suggestions and feedback on our startup projects.Please let me know.

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