Digitizing the senses of smell and taste for foodtech

Ajiomatrix is a software only operation in the form of a .org, B2B, and producing a sensory suite allowing to digitize the measurements of the senses of taste and smell

 March 16, 2021 5:16 min


I’m sure everybody here loves the TASTE of good food! Before that, many analysis have to happen.

That’s why we created Ajinomatrix :) we help food scientists solve ISSUES relating to food smell and taste MEASUREMENT using our AI B2B open source software.

The problem is that nowadays taste and smell are measured by humans and machines like e-noses, but LACKING a standard so it is costly, non digitized, and amnesic.

How do we measure it today? First: a food sample is prepared and sent to judges and consumers to taste it, and then they give it a score. It’s complex and expensive to organize!

Then the rating is written into a type of excel file or similar app, not able to capture the whole experience.

Imagine you want to launch a new food product in Japan where there is a different taste palette than in Germany.

But problem: in practice, the files will no longer be available, or the results non exchangeable.
Everything has to be done all over again. How expensive and inefficient!
When all that’s needed is one more ingredient in the recipe.

We have the solution: a standard portable file supported by a digital model with archiving, using AI to avoid ALL OF THESE limitations.

Here we can see that human judges, e-noses and e-mouths are used to input data into our software. Then through the interface it goes to the database and is treated through AI and produce a standard JSON file, the standard sensory file.

Let me give you an example: here we can transport the taste and smell of a Pringle chips from Berlin to Tokyo in a mere second, to simplify the product development phase. And, the taste of the German chips is also translated in order for the Japanese consumer to love it. How EZ if you want to expand your market to other countries!

Here you can see that we digitize a Pringle from Germany. You obtain then the file for Germany, the Pringle digital file. Move it to the cloud and enter that file through the Japanese translation plugin, to obtain the Japanese file. Then you can interface that file and put it the ERP of the production line system in Japan and directly output a batch of Japanese tasting Pringles, bypassing all of the normally required lab operations to produce samples. Direct, ubiquitous translation.

Our product is a B2B open source software, DOING exactly that, digitizing the sense of taste and smell. Food scientists can input their data and output the file.

The business model is freemium. The basic version: downloadable on GitLab, and the full version only accessible with license payment, of about 10k€. And we also sell services.

Like installation, development, maintenance, and the securing of the archives, the database, as seen on the PREVIOUS flowchart.

Clients with turnover from 40Mio$ are the companies able to use our products. It’s our TAM.

IT is floored by these companies, in a market, 1.7 T USD in size, for the food supply only, and it’s growing by 5% a year, according to the main US food statistics source. Target are the food companies’ food scientists.

We also address: the sensory labs, flavor and fragrance majors, sensor makers, and wholesalers.

Everything starts with a pilot experiment: a first partner buys our proof of concept. We test it there within 4 Months and it costs 50k€. Then, we address 10 clients, transforming this PoC to an MVP. And from there MVP @ 50 clients. We’re in discussion with 4 industry partners, LOI’s coming.

Our team of experienced engineers and inventors are cooperating with universities to produce a standard, and our competitors are mainly our potential partners.

We’re looking for a CMO (with experience in AI and the food industry).

As YOU UNDERSTOOD, we’re elaborating the new organoleptic standard!
AND I’m VERY happy WE can translate all taste and smells worldwide.

Meet the Founders

François Wayenberg

I'm the founder and CEO of Ajinomatrix, a 20years+ ad-hoc research network culminating into a .org startup and foundation for resarch around the digitization of the senses of taste and smell for foodTech. I'm an economist and have other projects down the pipeline, such as a a reconfigurable, air-grade wheel proposed to DARPA, and a forecast system for major catastrophies such as climate change consequences, in the form of a scientific article requested by Princeton University. I have background working with NASA and am a computer science passionate, my dream would be to graduate my Msc at Stanford then do a PhD in my field of research with Ajinomatrix.

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