Provide hospitals with technological solutions aimed at optimizing health care provision

Nutritech is a health tech startup aimed at providing health workers with our innovative software solutions with a goal of improving patient experience and reduce mortality rates in Africa.

 March 21, 2021 1:08 min

Non communicable diseases have attributed to over 71% of patients death in the 2019[WHO 2019], Medical errors have attributed to over 1/3 of patients death in the states[John Hopkins 2016], Worldwide, 45% of deaths in children under 5 is caused by Malnutrition, Nutritech software was built with an aim of reducing human computational errors that happen in patient management, reduce burden imposed on health workers in African hospitals and consequently improved outcomes.

Meet the Founders

khalid Ahmed

I am khalid Ahmed,a graduate with bachelors in Nutrition and dietetics[First class honorsand summa cum laude] a clinical nutritionist by profession, currently on internship, where i run my software at the hospital on a freemium model.

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