Connect those seeking affordable accommodation with seniors aged 50+ with rooms to spare

Provide those seeking affordable accommodation the opportunity to co-live with seniors aged 50+ with rooms to spare

 March 29, 2021 2:12 min


Hi my name is Suzanne Noble I’m the co-founder of nestful, a marketplace connecting those seeking affordable accommodation with seniors aged 50+ with rooms to spare.

The problem that we are solving is that many older homeowners, want to remain in their homes, within the communities they know and love, but are unable to afford the maintenance charges. It is estimated that in the UK alone there are 6m homes with at least 2 or more empty bedrooms owned by those aged 50 or above.

Meanwhile thousands, both young and old, have been priced out of the housing market and are seeking somewhere affordable in which to live. This is especially true for students, keyworkers such as nurses and teachers and temporary workers.

Our solution is to offer a trusted platform where homeowners and renters can connect featuring anonymised messaging, a built in lodging contract and easy enough for someone with even the most limited technical ability to use.

Our vision is to contribute to solving the housing crisis, one room at a time.

Our missions are:

1. To create harmonious households
2. To enable older people to be able to age in place

To achieve these, we will have to:

1. Always considering our impact and how we can help both sides of our marketplace
2. Continue to test and refine our product offering
3. Offer superior customer service

Our value propositions are:

1. Provide homeowners with a passive recurring revenue stream
2. Provide homeowners and renters with superior offering compared to our competition
3. Create a strong referral network

Our revenue streams are:

1. Introduction fee of 15% of the first month’s rent
2. Ongoing subscription model to manage rental payments, insurance and added value services for a monthly fee

Meet the Founders


Suzanne is a serial entrepreneur with a background of 25+ years spent in PR/Marketing. She has been featured in Forbes, Buzzfeed, The Telegraph, The Times, FT, amongst others. She brings her lived experience to the problem being solved. Prior to co-founding nestful, Steve held a senior position within the management team of a successful property marketing business - creating and directing the strategy for growth for the business, leading design and customer experience teams, overseeing operational implementation of new products and taking primary responsibility for all company brand and communication activities.

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