RealTalk is a safe, anonymous space without "likes" to express your feelings & talk to peers that understand your pain to provide you with the support you need. 

One-on-one conversations with peers that care for you!

 March 30, 2021 1:57 min

We have always looked for acceptance from others in the hopes of being understood, loved, and appreciated. Though social media can be a great way to meet new people, make friends and become connected, it has also become a way that we feel judged.

We crave the acceptance of ourselves from others in the form of the number of likes, comments, views, followers, etc., and when they don’t support us, we feel ashamed and lonely. 

And for all those reasons, we don’t feel completely comfortable showing our true selves online. But, we want to be authentic, be our true selves & talk to people that will not judge us, that are willing to talk to us.

Unfortunately, a safe place that allows us to be real does not exist…

That is why I decided to build an app to share our feelings unfiltered and engage in genuine conversations with people who want to talk to us and understand us. Our voice deserves a platform where it can be heard.

RealTalk is a safe space that does not support the concept of the number of likes, comments, followers, etc., thereby allowing us to freely express our feelings & engage in one on one conversations with peers that care for us.

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Ansh Agrawal

Hi, I am Ansh Agrawal, a junior at Delhi Technological University with love for entrepreneurship, life psychology, product analytics, and leadership. --------------------------------- Entrepreneurship has been a recent love for me. I love reading case studies, frameworks, articles, etc., on best practices in the startup world. Y Combinator has been my source of inspiration and information for startups. I would highly recommend it if you are in the startup space. Currently, I am building RealTalk (www.joinrealtalk.co), a peer support app for Mental health. I wish to enable everyone to share their feelings unfiltered and engage in genuine conversations with people that want to talk to them and understand them without fearing judgment in any form. I feel that such a safe space is essential when our identity is shaped by the number of likes, followers, views, etc.

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