Mass-Scale 3D Printing as the Next Platform for Sustainable Protein and Food Production

Mass-Scale, High Volume 3D Bioprinting as the Next Platform for Sustainable Protein and Food Production

 March 30, 2021 1:29 min


Hello, my name is Akshaj Jois and I am the founder and CEO of Jois Food Technologies, an agri-tech startup focused on creating the future of food through high volume 3D printing + software.

The problem that we are solving is that within the growing sustainable protein and plant-based meat industry, the manufacturing options are limited. Twin-screw extrusion and injection molding/casting. These simple machinery only allow a limited range of food architecture & input - plant-based patties, sausages, and beef. Items with simple design and geometry. However, when the food design complexity increases and more food ingredients are needed, there are currently 0 manufacturing options that facilitate the process, especially at scale.

That's where we come in: our solution is using breakthrough 3D printing technology to expand the matrix of sustainable food possibilities that can be achieved - plant-based turkey, pork belly, steak, lobster, fish, and the list goes on.

Jois Food Tech's vision is to catalyze the change brought by Covid-19 and transform the platform for food production, by bridging enabling software design & breakthrough customized 3D printing hardware and selling our packages to large food manufacturers, food-service, and eventually domestic consumers.

We are currently raising our seed-stage round to build our beta production prototype printers and would love to chat if you are interested in helping build the future of food and 3D printing with us.


Meet the Founders

Akshaj Jois

Akshaj Jois is a passionate helper and serial entrepreneur. His various experiences include conducting translational research on wound healing at the University of Houston, mobilizing a non-profit organization to serve understaffed rehabilitation centers around Houston, participating in the Bioventures program in 2019 - building a company focused on revolutionizing the field of ophthalmology, and now an agri-tech startup using cellular printing technologies to create the next generation of sustainable protein and food items. He is always excited to lift up and inspire others to pursue their passions and enter the realm of innovation.

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