Anonymous messaging exchange designed to increase mental health.

Anonymous messaging exchange designed to increase mental health.

 April 02, 2021 1:36 min


Close your eyes, imagine a time when someone did something kind for you or you had a synchronous experience that seemed random. Moments like that feel good, and what make our society great. 
Hi my name is Miriam and I’m the founder of Chibur, the brand behind Quoka. Quoka makes being kind easy. I believe that people are good and we want to be kind to others. But technology today is not built to support our humanity. Quoka changes that. Using our anonymous messaging exchange anyone is empowered to easily give and receive kindness. These micro experiences are incremental and over time have a positive effect on your mental health. 
My team is young, intelligent, passionate about helping others and creating solutions that are outside the box. 
We build differently.  

The market opportunity for Quoka is in the billions with consumers spending on average $287 dollars a month to try and feel better, and that number is growing. 
We launched an initial MVP and saw immediate traction, and decided to take a step back to examine our next steps to building a scalable solution. 
We are currently bootstrapping and have decided to share every step of our growth progress through our substack community.
Right now we are looking for people to participate in our user research by taking a survey at bit.ly/quokka2
Thank you for listening to my pitch, my name is Miriam, if you have any questions or feedback for me, my email can be found here in fundvstr! Have a great day!

Meet the Founders

Miriam Dorsett

Miriam Dorsett is a full-time artist, entrepreneur, and community activator with more than 15 years of experience ranging in the fields of youth development, small business management, and digital engagement.

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