Provide Solar boiler and Ovens, using different types of panels and IoT.

Provide Solar boiler and Ovens, using different types of panels and IoT.

 April 02, 2021 1:59 min


With every piece of bread,
With every bite of chocolate, and
With every sip of milk,
the tragedy booms.

Vast industries like bakeries, dairy producers, pastries and others, depend on boilers and ovens.

An average producer emits 31 tons of CO2 every year. Also, the producers suffer from Fuel Invoices, price fluctuation, and yearly maintenance.

Hello, This is Toufic Hamdan presenting partners with Sun.
We provide Solar Boilers and Solar Ovens.

Our vision is to bury fuel burners, boilers, and ovens by 2030.

Our mission is to replace traditional burners and ovens with innovative renewable technology.

Our solution is a clean energy solution that has an embedded IoT and complies with the Circular economy. It is Modular Scalable.

The customer benefits from an 80% fuel bill reduction. Keep up with the production as a hybrid system, lifelong savings, maintenance, extended warranty. Besides, reducing their production time up to 20%.

Besides creating jobs, there are many other impacts, like boosting food security by reducing bread production costs. Reduce 31 Tons of Co2 per producer annually, Which is equivalent to driving 100,000 KM and in summer providing surplus electricity to the Grid.

The global market is 26 B USD with a six % CAGR. In Lebanon is a few hundred M USD.

The prototype is built and tested for production.

We are the only solution that combines Eco-friendliness, Fuel Independence, and Practicality,

Our business model is a combination of a consumption-based model and direct ownership.

Our prices can start at 15 thousand to few millions, depends on the solution.

Meet the Founders

Toufic Hamdan

Toufic Hamdan: Inventor, entrepreneur, and country manager.

Hitaf Ghazal

Hitaf Ghazal: Leadership management and market research.

Jessica Al Haber

Jessica Al Haber: Designer and circular economy sustainable materials management. We are a strong team because we have been working together since 2016 on many startups in tech, digital marketing, and education.

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