SOCIO - Social engagement platform for all your online socialization requirements

Uninstall your current social networking and dating apps, with SOCIO all your online socialization requirements under one application with data privacy in safe and secured environment for FREE.

 April 10, 2021 2:31 min


Myself Sunilsmith and I am the founder and CEO at SOCIO.

Let me give you a small description about SOCIO,
SOCIO is an unique social engagement platform. It has lot of features which includes,
1. Social networking and sharing
- Where you can meet and chat with friends and family, you can connect with new people and share your thoughts within your circle or to the whole world.
2. Social dating
- Where you can actively date, we provide all the features that the existing dating apps has and lot more to find your better half.
3. Social influencing
- If you are a influencer, you can influence millions of people and get recognized.
These are just the core features and we have lot more exciting features for our users.

Our mission is to,
1. Provide single solution for all socialization needs, people will not jump between multiple social apps for their socialization needs.
2. Some of the feature like dating, apps get high subscription fee and provide less features. With SOCIO all our features are free for our users.
3. Data privacy - We make sure our users know and manage what we collect and how we use, definitely user PII data is not in our revenue model.
4. Fake profile - They are toxic to any platform and we are planning to use AI technology to fight them.

Our business model
ADs, paid promotions and shopping are our source for revenue generation.

I would like to share a fact we found during market validation,
In 2020 everyday 1.3million new users registered for social apps. Everyday people come to at least one of these apps to use one of these features but SOCIO is the one which have them all.

What are we looking for,
We are looking for seed investment , as you know this is a unique idea and so I am not interested to create MVP with a freelancer or outsource to an organization who has the possibility using it for their internal benefits. I will use the seed investment to build my dream team to start working on the MVP and show what SOCIO is and what it is capable of.

I hope by now got interested about our product, to know more visit www.thesociocorp.com or reach me at ceo@thesociocorp.com

Thank you.

Meet the Founders

Sunilsmith Eswaran

I'm the Founder and CEO of SOCIO Inventions and Innovations Private Limited whose motto is "to provide innovative solutions to suffice common man's expectation". I am in the software development industry for nearly a decade and always wanted to provide innovative solutions to various situations and one such scenario is people paying for certain features, which can be given to them free and still the product can generate revenue out of them. If you think it is a crazy idea and YES that is where I shine most, taking business with tech to next level.

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