Enable anyone to be a marketing analyst with our AI-based tool-agnostic analytics platform

Enable anyone to be a marketing analyst with our AI-based tool-agnostic analytics platform

 April 14, 2021 2:08 min


I’m Mia, co-founder of Clickvoyant. We are an analytics platform that turns raw marketing data into insight presentations in minutes.

The promise of big data had been a big disappointment. I’ve been in analytics for 15 years. In that time we went from 150 technologies to 8000. This industry is worth $400 Million dollars a year and yet, no one is satisfied.

This is because most SaaS assume an analyst at the other end. Helping them collect data or build dashboards. With us, you’ll be faster and stronger!

But there is no analyst there. The analyst role is one of the hardest and most expensive to fill. In fact, there is a $200B gap in analytics talent right now. There is no one available to take that job.

This means Amazon may have an army of them, but the Click and Mortar Gift shop in Hollywood has zero. SMBs are getting boxed out of talent.

Clickvoyant democratizes marketing analytics. Our AI platform enables citizen data analysts by performing the tech part behind the software.

Our users just upload a data set, ask it a question, and out pops a presentation. This takes a 50 hour job down to 10 minutes and costs less than your daily coffee budget.

With our software, tens of thousands of SMBs can afford to be as data driven as Jeff Bezos.

We already have 150 websites on our platform and have achieved $10 MRR.

We’re successful because we’ve been directors of analytics at the biggest global agencies for more than a decade. We’ve been answering CMO questions for a decade.

This enables us to build our product in context of user needs better than our competitors.

We are looking for Angels to help us scale to $1M

Meet the Founders


Kate's superpower is explaining complex data science ideas, building trust, and inspiring actions. On a typical day, she can save $200M in ineffective advertising spend. She has 12 years of analytics experience. She was the Director of Analytics at Mirum, where she tripled the size of her Intel account over 2 years. She currently leads award-winning analytics solutions for Fortune 500 clients. Her keystone clients include Intel, T-Mobile and Mazda. Prior to her career in advertising, she worked in the non-profit sector.


Mia's superpower is her instinct for user behavior. Her optimization strategies have lifted revenue $4M in 90 days, created a sustained 40% increase in advertising revenue, taken a political candidate from 4th to 2nd place in 3 months, and won a Google News Initiative Grant. She is a 14-year veteran of analytics who grew up inside digital marketing agencies like Huge, Critical Mass, and Mirum. During her sabbatical from digital marketing, Mia worked for 3 years for independent media to re-imagine what data could do on media sites to promote civil civic engagement.

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