Joinimmo, Long term apartment rentals

We offer furnished apartments to MNC's and universities for their employees and students.

 May 02, 2021 1 minutes 26 seconds min

Here in Joinimmo we try to solve housing issues of expatriates and international students. We offers long term housing services to :

  • Multinational companies for their employees


  • International universities for their students

We provide 3 kind of accommodation:

  • Apartment
  • Shared flat / colocations
  • Shared room / Dormitory (for 2 people)

Our promises to tenants are :

  • Furnished apartments in good locations.
  • Internet, electricity and insurance included.
  • Minimum documentation required.
  • 100 % online services including virtual tours, e-contracts and payments.

The idea is solve long term rental apartment issues for expats and students in big towns like Paris where it is extremely difficult to get appropriate apartment for long duration.

We already have multiple apartments across paris and many other are in progress. All our apartments are immediately rented out by many companies. Right now, We have clients from 3 MNC’s and 2 universities. We are also in discussion with many others. Last year we did business of 65000 euros with just 5 apartments.

We believe, that hassle free apartment booking and co-living with reasonable prices are basic needs of today’s era. JoinImmo could be an answer to such issues and can solve some of the biggest challenges of our time.

Meet the Founders

Sourabh singh

I am the Founder of Joinimmo, We offer long term apartment rental solution for multinational companies and universities for their employees and students respectively. I am responsible for B2B business relationship management with multinational companies and universities. I also take care of economic aspect of business by shortlisting right properties to sublet or to acquire. I came to Paris for my Masters in IT management, but during my tenure I came across big issues to get an apartment and that’s how this idea strike to my mind. Prior to Joinimmo I worked with Kaspersky as QA lead for Europe. At Kaspersky I learned the art of B2B relationship management and how to make use of sales and Marketing tools like Google analytics and omniture to grow business.

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